Courts and Criminal Justice System

Court of Protection Pilot 

A pilot scheme granting the public and media greater access to Court of Protection hearings across England and Wales is currently underway. 

Publicity and the Criminal Justice System Protocol for Working Together 

The Publicity and the Criminal Justice System Protocol for Working Together: Chief Police Officers, Chief Crown Prosecutors and the Media protocol sets out the details of the prosecution material that will normally be released to the media before, during and after trials.

Sharing Court Registers and Court Lists with Local Newspapers (pre-2020)

The Protocol for Sharing Court Registers and Court Lists with Local Newspapers sets out the arrangements negotiated by the NMA for free supply of advance court lists by magistrates courts and for free supply of the magistrates court register of judgments for reporting round ups. The protocol expects the Crown Courts to implement similar arrangments.

The protocol is also referred to in the updated joint guide on criminal court reporting restrictions by the Judicial College, News Media Association, Media Lawyers’ Association and the Society of Editors for use by judiciary journalists, Crown Prosecution Service and court staff alike. 

See Useful Links below for 2020 revised version.

Reporting Restrictions in the Criminal Courts 

Policing and Crime Act 2017: reporting restrictions 

Reporting Restrictions in the Criminal Courts (2015/2016)

This is the fourth edition of the guide on open justice and reporting restrictions in the criminal courts. It was published in April 2015 (and revised in May 2016) by the Judicial College,  News Media Association, Media Lawyers’ Association and the Society of Editors. The joint, common guide for judiciary, journalists, their legal advisors and the lawyers who appear before the courts is the result of a groundbreaking initiative on joint media and judicial working, instigated by the Lord Chief Justice in association with the NMA. It is published on the Courts and Tribunals website

Coroners Court 

The Chief Coroner issued this guidance on 30 September 2016 in relation to helping coroners in all aspects of their work which concerns the media. The publication of Coroners and the media followed a series of meetings between the News Media Association and the Chief Coroner during his term of office to discuss the reporting of inquests, promotion of open justice and address problems in coverage of coroners’ courts. The NMA encouraged the production of the guidance and provided input. It  was published on the day that His Honour Judge Peter Thornton QC retired as Chief Coroner.

Other Useful Links 

Family Courts

The NMA has played a leading role on opening up the family courts.  

Following consultation, the President of the Family Division has issued guidance to assist the court, the parties and the media in circumstances where a reporter attending court may wish to apply to vary reporting restrictions in a case before the Family Court or the Family Division of the High Court.

All Courts and Tribunals

The NMA contributed to the HMCTS Guidance to court staff on supporting media access.