Military, Intelligence and National Security

The News Media Association is consulted on the working arrangements between military and media, before, during and after conflict and conducted detailed discussions to improve editorial  freedom. The Green Book sets out  practical arrangements for enabling correspondents to report on operations, including the Ministry of Defence’s plans for representative numbers of correspondents to accompany British forces. It also sets out what editors can expect from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and what the MOD seeks from the media.

The Defence Security and Media Advisory Committee oversees a voluntary code which operates between UK Government Departments which have responsibilities for national security and the media. The DSMA Notice system is its vehicle. The System's objective is to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of information that would compromise UK military and intelligence operations and methods, or put at risk the safety of those involved in such operations, or lead to attacks that would damage the critical national infrastructure and/or endanger lives. The NMA nominates members of the Committtee  from national and local news media companies

The DSMA-Notices are intended to provide to national and provincial newspaper editors, to periodicals editors, to radio and television organisations and to relevant book publishers, general guidance on those areas of national security which the Government considers it has a duty to protect. The Notices have no legal standing and advice offered within their framework may be accepted or rejected in whole or in part.