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19 November 2020

Publishers Continue Home Delivery Schemes In Lockdown

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a greater need for trusted information and with growing readership, newspapers continue to play a vital role in informing and educating readers, communicating advice and holding Government to account.

Publishers across the industry continue to run home delivery schemes for newspapers during the lockdown period, providing the public with trusted, reliable sources of news and information.

Deliver My Newspaper launched a new campaign earlier this month across national and local titles offering readers free delivery for six weeks.

The Daily Mail have also provided a home delivery subscription pack, which includes a free £50 delivery voucher which can be used with local retailers that offer home delivery services.

Newsquest have relaunched their home delivery scheme where they are offering six weeks free delivery. They have run the editorial online and in print in several of their titles saying: “As the country heads into a second national lockdown, there has never been a more crucial time to know what is happening in your area.

“This next stage of the coronavirus pandemic will have a severe impact on people’s daily lives and mental health, throwing up new challenges for families, businesses, schools, the NHS and our community.

“And in an era of misinformation and fake news on social media sites, staying informed with reliable journalism is key to staying safe. We want to make sure you continue to stay in the know with your trusted local paper.

“This is why we are relaunching our home delivery service with six weeks free delivery to ensure you can still get your newspaper at the time when you need it most.”

Stay informed

The Telegraph are issuing £75 vouchers for new seven day-a-week annual subscribers and readers of the Guardian can also save up to 29 per cent with redeemable subscription vouchers.

Reach plc titles such as the Birmingham Mail and the Manchester Evening News are also offering a 40 per cent discount when you sign up to their delivery service. The MEN said: “As local measures are enforced; we understand how this may make it harder to pick up your favourite paper.

“However, we do not want you to worry about missing out on your local news.

“You can arrange home delivery through our subscription service and get the Manchester Evening News delivered directly to your door every day.

“During this difficult time, we will also be giving you 40 per cent off the monthly subscription cost, when you sign up to the home delivery service using our discount code.”

 Daily Express

At the beginning of lockdown, every UK national newspaper publisher joined the Deliver My Newspaper scheme offering home news delivery, as vulnerable over 70s and those with underlying health conditions were told to stay at home for 12 weeks. The scheme has grown in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The titles involved in the service include The Times and The Sunday Times, The Sun and The Sun on Sunday, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, the Guardian and The Observer, the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday and i. Deliver My Newspaper also offers local newspaper deliveries.

Daily Mirror

At the beginning of lockdown in March, The Evening Standard also launched their new door-to-door delivery service to homes in London zones two and three, and The Irish News made home deliveries available in Belfast during the pandemic in joint efforts with the News Letter and the Irish Daily Mirror.