Royal Rota

There are several hundred royal engagements undertaken by members of the royal family each year. 

Due to space restrictions and security, it is rarely possible to allow all media who wish to cover a royal engagement equal access to the event. A rota, or pool system, was therefore introduced. Representatives from each relevant media sector are offered the opportunity to cover an event, on the understanding that they will share all material obtained, with other members of their sector who request it. 

The NMA allocates rota passes for local, regional and national newspapers in its membership. Fixed point passes, or any other method of accessing events, are allocated by the host or relevant royal household.

The royal diary includes details of official engagements undertaken by members of the royal family at locations across the UK. They are published up to eight weeks in advance. NMA member national and local news media publishers should regularly check the diary for forthcoming royal engagements which may be of interest. Engagements can be searched either by member of the royal family, time period or region. It is also possible to view a list of all published engagements.

It is also worth viewing the websites for the Prince of WalesDuke & Duchess of Cambridge and Duke & Duchess of Sussex to keep up to date about engagement announcements. Newspapers which want to cover a royal engagement should make an application as soon as possible.

Rota Comp Shortlist
          2019 Royal Rota Photography Competition Judges Shortlist