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25 March 2020

NMA: Publishers 'Doing Their Utmost' To Get Newspapers To Retailers Without Disruption

News Media Association chairman Henry Faure Walker has written to retailers to assure them that publishers are "doing their utmost" to get newspapers delivered to them without disruption amid the challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak. 

In a letter to retailers, Mr Faure Walker said that the news media fulfils a critical service at this time, particularly for the elderly and vulnerable, by providing independent, verifiable news and information.

Mr Faure Walker said: "NMA members are, apart from the continual monitoring of the supply chain and its partners, undertaking several schemes designed to help retailers and readers. Publishers are also looking at ways to ensure that newspapers continue to reach retailers on time and will if necessary, make changes to their own operations to help printers, wholesalers and retailers continue offering their own valuable and essential services.

"The NMA, on behalf of its publisher members, is also in constant contact with the Government to find ways to ensure that they can continue to provide this invaluable service at these challenging times. In particular, we are asking the Government for newspapers to be treated as an ‘essential service’ in the event of further movement restrictions, including keeping journalists, publishers, retailers and wholesale operating and able to deliver papers.

"We are also asking that newspapers be designated an essential/core product by retailers and that supply levels are maintained to ensure that newspapers and the critical information they hold, is available to your customers.

"We have also written to the Government asking them to step in to ensure the wholesale distribution network stays in place, if necessary, though publishers and wholesalers are doing their utmost to get newspapers delivered to you without disruption.

"We will do our best to keep you informed of any changes that will affect you and welcome your feedback on ways that we can work together to ensure your customers continue to get the news they want."